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The challenge of an international patent for your invention

A patent is a title that protects your invention in a given territory. Thus a French patent protects you against counterfeits made or imported in France but not abroad. Marketing prospects in the United States? Possible counterfeiter in Asia? A potential partner and licensee in Israel? A French or European patent is not enough and you with to extend your patent abroad. With YesMyPatent it's possible!

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I want to protect my invention in other countries

Whether for example by filing an international patent application (PCT) or the national direct deposit (US patent...) up to one year after the filing of your French patent, we offer our customers the possibility of worldwide protection of their invention thanks to our network of more than 100 agents abroad and in particular in all the countries of Europe. These valued partners around the world have been rigorously selected and have been working with us for many years. Contact us and we will be happy to prepare a personalized quote at the best price for the protection of your invention abroad.

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The patent of an invention abroad: a tool for growth for your company When you obtain the grant of a patent in France, you are the owner of the right to use the invention nationally for a duration of 20 years. Even if this monopoly is a decisive first step for your project, your company and its activity do not benefit from international protection. In fact, the patent must be filed in each country targeted for you to be protected.

If you do not complete these international patent filings at the latest one year after filing for your national patent, you take the risk that a competitor will use your invention abroad without you being able to sue them for counterfeit. Extending the patent internationally can then limit the risk of counterfeiting, and defend you. If you have planned international development into the business plan, these applications are essential for reassuring your investors and shareholders about the consistency of your industrial property strategy and business plan.

Today, you already have the possibility of filing an international patent application (PCT), a European patent at the EPO (European Patent Office), or national patents (USA, China, Japan...) in every country of the world thanks to YesMyPatent.

Foreign patent application process

If you have already filed a patent application in your country, you have 12 months to extend your patent application internationally.

The international extension consists of complying with the rules enacted by the Code of Industrial Property of the concerned country. In case you opt for a European patent, once validated, it will be valid in all European countries, and even beyond the EU (Switzerland, Turkey, Monaco...).
If 12 months after the filing of your patent in your country you need more time to choose the countries where to file your patent abroad, we recommend you to file an international PCT application. The PCT allows you to put an additional 18 months option on the vast majority of countries in the world. This gives you a total period of 30 months (12 months + 18 months) to identify your markets, possible partnerships, etc. At the end of these 30 months you can take the option to validate the countries that interest you, such as with a classic national application. Our network of more than 100 agents are present worldwide and are all specialized and experienced in the protection of inventions.

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Why go through YesMyPatent for my patent application?

Thanks to our highly secure platform, the exchange of information between our clients and our patent attorneys and experts in industrial property can be done with confidence. Each patent dossier is supported with the utmost attention. Our transparency allows you to know, from the beginning of the process, the expected costs (fees, translation fees, taxes) for your patent application whether in France, Europe, or other countries. We guarantee high-end support through our network of experts protect your invention around the World.

What if a foreign company wants to use my patent ?

Once the patent is filed in another country, the information is published on the public databases of patents and a company is likely to contact you to obtain a license to use your invention by paying royalties. YesMyPatent accompanies you on both the negotiation and the drafting of such a licence agreement. Thus, by filing the patent application internationally, you limit much of the risk of counterfeiting, and you also trigger opportunities to get business partners for your invention.

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