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Drafting and submission of a European patent application

Protect your invention in Europe

Patents for inventions are valid in the country in which you submit them. This means that you if you file a patent application only in your country, you will have a monopoly for that invention but only in your country. With YesMyPatent, during the registration steps for your invention, you also have the possibility to submit a patent internationally and specifically a European patent, valid throughout Europe.

Submit your patent in Europe

Submit an application in Europe to the EPO (European Patent Office)?

If you wish to submit a patent directly in Europe it's possible! YesMyPatent is a service of the Touroude & Associates Firm – Industrial Property Law Firm and European Patent Attorney, approved by the European Patent Office (EPO).

Our extensive knowledge of the European Patent Office (EPO) procedures, with some of our experts being former EPO examiners, guarantees you the best chances for succes in the quick issuance of your patent in Europe. In addition, most of our experts are bilingual (English/French) and are able to offer you a draft of your European patent application in the English or French langage depending on your needs. In several minutes, we will respond to you concerning the patentability of your invention, and will immediately determine the cost of providing protection for your invention in Europe.

European patent from €5,500 Including taxes (EPO taxes included)

Why submit a patent application for a European invention?

A company or a research laboratory should ensure the protection of their inventions. It should be understood that within intellectual property law, ideas are not protected. You must have a date and proof that establishes your experience and your ownership of an invention. To have ownership of a patent means that one has a monopoly on a technical solution. The issue of a patent is obtained following the submission of a file that must be drafted by a technical expert capable of explaining each facet of the project, but whose oversight from a legal point of view is essential. This is why at YesMyPatent, our experts are all at least engineers or doctors in sciences and attorneys in industrial property approved by the INPI and/or European patent attorneys approved by the EPO, with a minimum of 15 years of experience.

The patent invention is by default issued in the country or countries where you have completed the application of a file. In France, the INPI is the reference for all these procedures, and in Europe it's the European Patent Office (EPO).

This means that if you only file a application in your country, a competitor that researches in the public data bases of patents with the EPO may notice that you have not filed a European patent application and that they are therefore free to exploit your invention in every European country, except in your country. You may not pursue this competitor in Belgium or in Spain for counterfeit of your national patent unless you have filed a patent in that country!

It is therefore imperative, if you have a European market, to submit a European patent application with the EPO.

European patent from €5,500 Including taxes (EPO taxes included)

How to file a patent

When you have an invention for which you wish to get a European patent, several steps are necessary. Our page Protect your invention shows you each one of the essential steps in asserting your rights according to intellectual property law :

  1. Complete a patentability study to discover whether the proposed technical solution may be protected by a European patent.
  2. Drafting of a patent for an approved industrial property consultant, specialized in your technical field.
  3. Submission of a patent for the invention from the EPO (European Patent Office).

In the field of innovation, its a race for patents in order to havethe best protection possible on the technologies and techniques of tomorrow that will allow you to enter a market or to assert your leader position. Start-ups and young entrepreneurs should not underestimate the need for submiting a European patent application. It's even an obligatory procedure to protect the company's innovations before being able to reveal them to the public and go in search of funds!

What does my European patent contain?

Written in English, the patent of an invention is a document that describes the technical solution that you have imagined. It must be written by an individual experienced with both patents and European law but also specialized in your activity sector. In fact, your patent is submitted to a test that determines if it is issued or rejected. By having YesMyPatent support you in drafting and filing for a European patent with the EPO, you guarantee yourself the best chances for issuance of your European patent, in some thirty European countries at once, at the best quality and in the shortest timeframe.

YesMyPatent is capable of immediately providing with you with the information you need in order to start the procedures for protecting your invention in Europe, and supporting you throughout the entire deliverance process. The transparency of our firm allows you to control the costs of your procedure. Contact us !

European patent from €5,500 Including taxes (EPO taxes included)