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Soleau envelope

Simple, efficient, irrefutable

Your challenges

You wish to give a certain date to a document (article, publication, technical files, plan...) and make it last in order to be able to provide, in particular, proof of its precedence. YesMyPatent offers you several solutions adapted to your needs: Soleau envelope, or electronic time stamp.

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The Soleau envelope, irrefutable proof

We prepare and submit your Soleau electronic envelope to the INPI. The Soleau electronic envelope allows us to time stamp your documents easily and at any time, in all types of formats (.doc, .pdf, .msg, .zip...).

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A preliminary step in protecting an invention

The Soleau envelope is not equivalent to filing a patent for an invention. It is a simplified approach carried out at the INPI (National Instutite of Indusrial Protection) and which allows the precise dating of documents. As part of an innovation, the documents detailing your work, or even your study designs can be recorded and time stamped using the "Soleau Envelope" procedure.

If it were to happen in the future that someone else claimes to be the author of your work or the inventor of your invention, for example by submitting a patent, for 10 years you can ask the INPI to release your soleau envelope with the certificate of filing date. The soleau envelope is therefore a means of proving that you have precedence in the work or invention.

You can thus continue to operate this work or invention in a personal capacity, without paying royalties to a third party who would have, for example, filed a patent. You were, after all, the first author or inventor!

In French Law this is called "right of previous personal possession".

BE CAREFUL! This soleau envelope does not grant you anything else! It is not an industrial property title like a patent, or a model that you could sell to fire or oppose to a third party.

So, even if you can prove that you had an idea on a specific date, the classic or electronic Soleau envelope never replaces the patent.

You don't posses any monopoly and cannot prevent anyone from using your work or invention.

You may also not give up or transfer this previous right to possesion. So you have to think strategically, for example in the case of a business transfer, or in the case where the soleau envelope was filed in your own name and you wish to transfer this right to your company...

It may be worthwhile, for example, to file a soleau envelope before starting negotiations for a collaboration/partnership agreement in order to record the information that was in your possession (and therefore part of the contract of your "confidential information") before the first meeting with the partner.

The Soleau envelope can also be effective in overcoming the challenges to the probative value of the bailiff's findings, especially in the area of internet evidence (counterfeiting and parasitism on the internet).

What does a Soleau envelope contain?

All types of documents may appear in an electronic Soleau envelope (texts, images, photographs, sketches, video, musical creation, part of computer code, manuscripts...). The INPI will then be able to certify that on that date you were in possession of this work or invention. It's an efficient way to timestamp the documents, and to validate this timestamp. In the context of a company, this Soleau envelope filing procedure can be a real asset. In fact, it makes it possible to quickly and inexpensively obtain legal evidence to present during a conflict. However, the Soleau envelope procedure does not protect the invention. To do this, you must be the patent owner. Obtaining a patent is longer and more expensive than the electronic Soleau envelope, since it requires the writing of a complex file and a registration procedure subject to examination. This is why the Soleau envelope is a worthwhile solution throughout your work in order to time stamp your documents, but that cannot in any case replace the filing of a patent.

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