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A freedom to operate study to remove doubts

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You invent, you protect yourself by filing for patents...and your competitors may be doing the same.
It is therefore important to ensure that you are not counterfeiting one or several patents of a competitor, without knowing it. The consequences could be disastrous: seizure of your products, a marketing ban, damages and interests, legal fees in the event of litigation, not to mention the damage to your company's image.

A freedom to operate study to remove doubts

To remove any uncertainty, the private or public investors and business leaders, conduct a freedom to operate study for each new project to check the patents of existing competitors, encuring the validity or the means to circumvent them, and thus secure their investments. Our European patent attorneys approved by the European Patent Office are at your disposal to conduct any type of freedom to operate study, from a flash survey of databases to a complete investor study.

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Even in good faith, you may be counterfeiting

It's not easy to be the first on a market, and even less to be the first to to file a patent in order to affirm its precedence and protect the invention. Also, you are not guaranteed that a competitor has not already filed a patent tender on an invention similar to yours. You are not necessarily informed despite your market research and competition survey. In fact, patents are published on databases 18 months after being filed and a patent is not necessarily subject to publicity by the inventor. That is why, without a freedom to operate study, it is possible that you are committing counterfeit, and may be condemned as such by a court, even in good faith. As the saying goes: "Nobody is supposed to ignore the law"!

Validity of a patent

When a patent is granted, it is granted in the country or countries chosen by the patentee for a period of 20 years. The patent thus allows the monopoly of using an invention. In the event that you are using a technical solution that a competitor had patented before you in the last 20 years, in the same territory, it is you who are the counterfeiting party, and are liable to be punished in court.

If you have already done a freedom to operate study for an invention in a country, it is important to update it regularly, in case a new patent has been published and specifically during the international development of your company in order to check for the presence of troublesome patents in these countries For example, more than one million patents were filed in China in 2016! Before you venture into the Chinese market, consider ordering a freedom to operate study from YesMyPatent to check that your product is not protected by one of the (many) Chinese patents granted.

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