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Opposition to a patent

Protection against competition

Do you wish to oppose the patent of a competitor? Your surveillance has shown that one of your competitors has just obtained a patent in Europe that could interfere with your business? Do not delay, you have 9 months after this issue to try to limit or cancel this patent by filing an opposition to the European Patent Office (EPO)

Open an opposition procedure to a patent

A competitor just opened an opposition to your European patent?

Conversely, your European patent has just been opposed? You must prepare your defense with a professional to respond to the objections and represent yourself during the oral proceedings (the equivalent of a pleading) at the European Office.

Defend yourself against a patent opposition

Opposition, a procedure not to forget

Our expert European patent attorneys accredited by the European Patent Office (EPO) , some of which are former EPO examiners, are at your service to assist you. Their operation consists in the construction of an opposition file, or in the preparation of a response to this opposition file and representing you during the Oral Hearing before the EPO's courts. Simply give us the number of the patent concerned (EPXXXXXXX).

Contact us via our form! We will be happy to prepare a personalized quote with good value offer for the Opposition procedures before the EPO.

Contact us! We will be happy to prepare a personalized quote with good value offer for the Opposition procedures before the EPO.

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Defend your patent

After filing of the a patent application for an invention, the monopoly of use of the invention is valid only in the countries where the patent has been granted. Thus, if you have filed a European patent at the European Patent Office (EPO), you will have an operating monopoly for European countries once the patent is granted, any competitor copying your invention may be sentenced for counterfeit to pay you for damages and substantial interest. This is why your competitors who have put your patents under surveillance may decide to oppose your European patent when it is finally granted, in order to have it limited or cancelled. It is thus essential to defend yourself effectively so as not to lose your patent and ownership of your invention.

In case of opposition from a competitor against your patent YesMyPatent quickly offers you a personalized quote for the entire procedure. You control your costs, with advantageous rates, and we will fight to protect your patent. The protection of your industrial property rights is a fundamental prerequisite for securing your R&D investments and your business activity.

Watch the competition actively

If your competitors can put your patents under surveillance, it is important that you do the same! Staying up-to-date with the activities of your potential competitors in your country and abroad is good practice in the field of industrial and intellectual property.

In fact, it's about knowing the risks and opportunities for your business. If you find that one of your competitors has been granted a patent in Europe, it may be wise to evaluate with YesMyPatent the possibility of opposing this patent to try to limit the negative effects or blockage that this patent could have on your business and your business development in Europe.

In fact a patent issued in Europe to one of your competitors may allow them to obtain the operating monopoly of part or all of your business, overnight, making you guilty of counterfeit if you continue to operate. You risk significant damages and interest and the outright prohibition of operation by a court!

It is possible that you have information in your possession that proves that the invention that is the subject of this patent is not so inventive, and of which the European Patent Office was not aware during examination of the patent. The opposition will then be the opportunity to present these elements and arguments to reassess the relevance of the patent and possibly to limit or reject it.

In the event a European patent relating to your business is granted to one of your competitors, YesMyPatent quickly offers you a personalized estimate in order to evaluate the relevance of an opposition to this patent and for the whole patent opposition procedure, at the best value for your money. Guaranteeing the freedom to operate for your business is essential to ensuring the durability of your business.

YesMyPatent's network of experts brings you high-end support for all your patent procedures in Europe and worldwide. We offer you twice the skills, legal and technical, in your field of activity, with the best value for your money.

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File my patent in Europe and in other foreign countries

Do you want to apply for a patent abroad, or start the procedure for the granting ofa European patent ? Don't hesitate to tell us about your needs. YesMyPatent accompanies its clients in the patent filing procedure in Europe with the European Patent Office, and world wide with the World Office for Industrial Property (WIPO) and has a network of more than 100 patent agents around the world (USA, China, Japan, Brazil...) We determine with you patentability study, and write your patent with an experienced technical expert. The YesMyPatent service offers you high-end professional support with clear and published rates for controlled costs.