Pro or amateur chef: the guide to protect your recipes!


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You are a private individual, in the kitchen the whole family says that your lasagna recipe is inimitable. Your friends fight to be invited to your table, and each guest has already spoken to you at least once to open your own restaurant.

Restaurateur, the booking book is packed, and your competitors are constantly wondering what the secret of your sumptuous lemon pie is. Your famous gluten-free mayonnaise has become the star of the web, and every day dozens of publications on Instagram are praising you.

No doubt, you have something extra. Your small dishes have this touch of modernity and gluttony that makes the difference. Why not protect your recipe? In our infographic, we show you the different ways to stay inimitable to the stove.

Infographic on the protection of recipes: be inimitable! 

  • A recipe is not patentable

  • Everyone can freely pick up an existing recipe

  • You want to prevent copies of your know-how

  • You have a secret factory

  • Make your recipe confidential

  • Make your recipe a real brand

  • Protect designs related to your recipe

  • Publish a cookbook!

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