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The use of cookies by our site YesMyPatent

A "cookie" is a small file of information sent to the user's browser and stored in the user terminal, (hereinafter ' Cookies'). This file includes information such as the Internet service provider of the user, the operating system of the user, and the date and time of access. Cookies don't risk any damage to the user terminal.

YMP may collect and handle, in particular with third sites, the information of the User concerning its visit of the Site, such as the consulted pages, the made searches(researches), the web site visited just before this one or still the choices of service(department) or customization(personalization) of the User. This information allows YMP to improve the contents of the Site, the navigation(browsing) of the User and/or to compile statistics on the people using the Site for purposes of internal market study or still to supply to the User a service(department) for which he asked.

The cookies used on this website are :

  • Google Doubleclick: third-party cookie to view the video presentation
  • Google Analytics: third-party cookie that allows us to see the traffic on our site and to adapt the flow for a better experience use (speed, page, content)
  • Facebook/Linked-in pixel code: third party traceability cookies to know where you come from
  • Odoo Session: inside cookie for your connection and your safety

The user can configure his browser via the menu "Preferences/security" if he wishes to or not accept Cookies are saved in the terminal or, on the contrary, that they are rejected, either systematically or according to their issuer. The user can also configure its navigation software so that the acceptance or denial of Cookies he is offered from time to time.

If the user refuses the saving of Cookies or delete those saved, its navigation and its experience on the Site may be limited. In this case, YMP declines all responsibility for any consequences related to the operation of the Site.