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What is a patentability study?


What is a patentability study?

A patentability study makes it possible to verify whether an invention fulfills the conditions for obtaining a patent. The patent protects a technical invention, that is, a product or process that brings a new technical solution to a technical problem. In fact, you cannot protect an idea with a patent. Only the implemented technical means to make it concrete can be protected. Otherwise, only new inventions are patentable in France.

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The patentability study is the preliminary step to any patent filing process in Europe. If you do not do so, you risk seeing your patent application refused by the EPO in regard to the granting of an european patent.

With YesMyPatent, it's simple!

You don't know the prior art around your invention? No problem, you can order this from us in addition to the research conducted by our experts using professional databases. The result of this research is a detailed report in the form of a list of documents discovered during the course of the research (i.e. patents, but also scientific articles, publications, web pages, etc.), accompanied by an opinion on the patentability (newness) and positioning of your invention.

Optionally, we can perform a prior art search in the scientific published literature and professional patent databases in the field of your invention.
Additional cost: starting at €750 exluding taxes.

Why conduct a patentability study?

Filing a patent is a process that takes a lot of preparation work before submitting your dossier for review. Not every idea can be protected by a patent. This industrial property title only concerns precise technical solutions and in specific applications. Moreover, it is not just your idea that is protected, but the means of implementation which make up the invention. The patentability study thus consists of looking for the elements that make it possible to patent your invention, but also those that are obstacles to the realization of this initiative. An inventor or a company must quickly determine whether his invention is patentable or not. It is about saving time, but also measuring the costs of patent application formalities. With YesMyPatent, you have legal advice that allows you to know the potential of your invention to be patented. One of our technical experts will take charge of your dossier in order to maximize the chances of obtaining the patent. We are both competent to assist you in this process with the INPI (France), but also with the EPO when you wish to file the patent in other countries mainly a European patent.

Get to know patents similar to my project

It is necessary to differentiate between a patentability study that will determine if your invention can be patented, and the freedom to operate study which searches for patents already issued to third parties in your field of activity. For competition reasons, this is an important approach, among others things when you conduct a market study and to make sure that you yourself are not counterfeiting without even knowning!

Why is it useful for me to own a patent ?

In intellectual and industrial property law, the patent is a form of agreement between the inventor and the filing country to grant operating monopoly to the owner. In exchange, the patent is revealed to the public. Thus, despite the disclosure of the patent and the possibility of consulting the inventions of others, the owner is the only one with the right to usage. This exclusivity give them the power to agree, or not, to license other persons or companies who wish to use the invention. The granting of a license is not obligatory but based on a negotiation. Thus, if an inventor realizes through a study with YesMyPatent that their patent project has already been filed, support in getting a business license negotiation will be proposed. To note, one holds a patent for a period of 20 years, and it is possible to request a European patent or an international patent application from the beginning. The submission is valid in the country where steps are taken, but it is also possible to request a European patent from the beginning.

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The YesMyPatent offer allows you to control the entire process thanks to the support of expert professionals in industrial property. You control the deadlines and the costs of your patent tender for your invention To check if your invention is patentable, go on to the patentability study!