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Filing a patent for my invention

What is a patent?

A patent is an intellectual property title that protects a technical innovation, that is, a technical solution to a technical problem. This is an exclusive right of use; it allows the owner of a patent to prohibit any use of the patented invention by a third party without their agreement. A patent is a "contract" with the State: the state issues the exclusive monopoly of use in exchange for full disclosure of the invention to the public. A patent is issued for a given period (20 years) in a given territory (France, Belgium, the USA...). Patent law is governed by the European Patent Convention in Europe and by the French Intellectual Property Code.

The different steps to protect my invention

What can be patented?

Patents can only be issued for inventions that are new, provably inventive and industrially applicable. An invention shall be considered new if it is not considered state of the art, that is to say everything that has been made available to the public before the date of filing of the patent application by a written or oral description, use or any other means. An invention is considered as involving an inventive activity if, for a person skilled in the field, it is not obvious from the prior art. Finally, an invention is susceptible to industrial application if its object can be manufactured or used in any type of industry. In Europe and France: discoveries, scientific theories and mathematical methods; aesthetic creations; plans, principles and methods in the exercise of intellectual activities, games or in the field of economic activities, as well as computer programs; and presentations of information are not considered as inventions as such.

Filing a patent with YesMyPatent

YesMyPatent is a transparent and highly reliable online solution, approved by the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property), the EPO (European Patent Office) and WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), which allows you to have the Attorney and filing of your patent done in France, Europe, and abroad. Our team consists of Industrial Property Consultant and/or European Patent Attorneys, all of whom are scientific experts (at least engineers or PhDs in science) with between 15 and 30 years of experience in patent Attorney, some of whom are even former examiners of the EPO and the INPI. We, thus, optimize the chances of acceptance of your French or european. Our administrative team then takes care of the filing formalities and the follow-up with the INPI, EPO and WIPO procedures. Our network of more than 100 trusted agents abroad also allows us to offer you protection in every country of your choice.

Filing a patent

Common questions about patents

Are you still hesitating about applying for a patent to protect your invention? Here are the responses to frequently asked questions.

What if a patent has already been filed?

Before you begin the procedures for filing your patent, it is essential to conduct a patentability study. It lets you know if your invention is eligible for the patent, and if a competitor has not already owned a patent on a similar invention. With the services of YesMyPatent, you don't waste time and know immediately and free of charge if your invention is eligible for the patent. The response is positive? You will then be able to order a complete patentability study with the option of a search by our existing prior art experts on global patent databases, and scientific literature.

The response is negative? We have identified a patent with a third party? Don't worry, our industrial property legal experts will direct you to the most appropriate procedure, such as a business license application procedure.

I want protect my invention in other countries

YesMyPatent offers to accompany you in filing for your patent in Europe, France and elsewhere. Accredited by the EPO & INPI, we increase your chances of acceptance for your invention from examination of the patent written byone of our experts. And if you wish to own this patent in Europe, YesMyPatent offers personalized and effective support as a European Authorized Representative with the EPO (European Patent Office) for the filing of your European patent application. From the start of the procedure consider applying for a foreign patent, and even filing for an international patent application! The cost of your patent will be handled via transparent communication of our services throughout all the formalities to be taken.

Why should I file for a patent of my invention

Competition in the world of innovation is real. Inventors and entrepreneurs have every interest in reviewing the patentability of their inventions as soon as possible. In fact, even if you had an idea before the others, only the patent, as title of intellectual property, grants you the monopoly of using it. Completing these steps as soon as possible secures your investments in R&D. Otherwise, in addition to the risk of being copied, if a competitor files a patent before you, you may end up in the position of counterfeiter. In fact, since the owner of a patent has the right to prohibit use of the invention, this means that a competitor can also file a complaint against you if they have taken the appropriate steps to file a patent before you.

Why use an Industrial Property Consultant

The patent is a complex scientific and legal document and its Attorney must be entrusted to experts. Attorney of the patent and the filing operations oneself, without support by professionals, the inventor takes the risk of having their patent application rejected by the INPI and/or the EPO even if their invention is new. And as the invention will be published since the patent is published after 18 months, the invention will then fall into public domain!

With their in-depth knowledge of the French Industrial Property Code and French and European case law, our experts patent attorneys can help you draft, file, and obtain a patent with a broad scope leaving our competitors little or no room to manoeuvre, copy you, or find alternatives to your invention.

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